What a nice coincidence: One year that this blog had not seen any fresh and spirited content. No longer! I have reclaimed a bit of my freedom by leaving my job at Nokia a week ago, and I’m now in a position that I can do whatever I like. What should that be, you ask me? A bit of traveling (the US is big, Europe is far), a bit of hacking here and there, and massive amount of meditation in a remote desert (I’m kidding).
It’s been a long time that I have not had a longer break than 3 weeks of vacation (I know that it’s forever for many here), and I’m really looking forward to getting bored. But then again, if you live in the Bay Area and you get bored, you’re not doing it right.

I’m actually leaving on a 10 day road trip tomorrow morning. I’ll be driving up along the coast of Northern California to Eureka, east towards Lassen Park and Mt Shasta, north again in Oregon territory, zigzagging among the forest park lands to Portland, Bend, then to Seattle. A good friend helped me make the plan, arguing among other things for the mandatory sight of large amount of solidified lava.
The route looks like this (Google maps) at the moment.

I then drop the rental in Seattle, and take the Coast Starlight train (wifi included, thank you Amtrak) all the way down to the Bay Area in one stretch of 22 hours.