Agathe Battestini

I am a software engineer

Quick solution for sudo issue with missing pam configuration file

Spent a bit too long fixing a sudo problem right after an apt-get upgrade on a Debian machine. The original problem: # sudo ls sudo: unable to initialize PAM: No such file or directory 1 2 # sudo ls sudo: unable to initialize PAM: No such file or directory Sudo errors are logged with syslog by default. Some message should be in one of the /var/log/xx.log files. If you don’t

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10 days road trip

Last Friday I came back from a 10 day road trip driving from San Francisco to Seattle, and coming back with the Amtrak Coast Starlight train – as I mentioned earlier. I used Foursquare a bit more than usual (about 50 checkings over 10 days) and took a lot of pictures of rocks, landscapes, forests, the ocean, etc. I started making a simple mashups to visualize the overall itinerary I

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Adding FormAlchemy to an existing Pylons Mapfish project

  Install the packages: % pip install FormAlchemy fa.query GeoFormAlchemy 1 % pip install FormAlchemy fa.query GeoFormAlchemy You have now more templates available: % paster create –list-templates basic_package: A basic setuptools-enabled package geo_fa: Pylons application template with GeoFormAlchemy support mapfish: MapFish application template mapfish_client: MapFish client plugin template paste_deploy: A web application deployed through paste.deploy pylons: Pylons application template pylons_fa: Pylons application template with formalchemy support pylons_minimal: Pylons minimal application

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Setting up mapnik2 on Mac with Homebrew

It seems mapnik is getting easier and easier to setup. I wanted to reinstall mapnik2 on a mac bloated with different versions of python, of macports… I just left my install of postgres/postgis/osm, and cleaned the system before installing mapnik. You can still expect to run into a frew trouble and may have to update the formulas.   Macports (if installed) Careful with the rm… Get rid of macports %%

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One year

What a nice coincidence: One year that this blog had not seen any fresh and spirited content. No longer! I have reclaimed a bit of my freedom by leaving my job at Nokia a week ago, and I’m now in a position that I can do whatever I like. What should that be, you ask me? A bit of traveling (the US is big, Europe is far), a bit of

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