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The internet, the new God?

Truth and lies and lives are leaking all over the Internet these days. Be it the Wikileaks reports, or the special report of a Duke student, the daily Facebook tales of misfortune… today’s confessions are done on the web, and very smart who can tell who the biggest sinner is. I would not be surprised Moms are telling their kids “be good, or the Internet will know about it, and

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Singularity Summit 2010 in San Francisco

The idea of the singularity starts with numbers. Numbers that get bigger and bigger over time, exponentially. As Ray Kurzweil showed it in his presentation, big numbers getting bigger are all over the technological world: Moore’s law Total bits shipped Magnetic data storage bits per dollar Internet data traffic Internet backbone bandwidth US nanotechnology-related patents But also in biology, for instance the cost of sequencing DNA that is dropping exponentially.

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Have more to produce more

This article is relatively old (from 2007) but nonetheless interesting. It basically says that a condition for higher productivity is access to intangible wealth. Whereas natural and built capital describe natural resources, pasture land, and machinery, equipment, infrastructure; intangible wealth include such things as trust in society, property rights, education, etc.  And the amount of intangible wealth is decisive for how productive and creative you will be. Sounds intuitive enough.

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Is Twitter predicting or making the future?

The paper and the recent posts about how Twitter data can be used to predict the first-weekend box office revenues of movies are quite interesting. Basically, provided sufficient data about a topic and clever ways to process the data, the analysis of Twitter data could potentially indicate if people are going to buy a product, watch a show, vote for someone, go somewhere or think in a given way, etc.

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Questions to ask when applying for a research job in industry

You’re applying for a job in a research lab in the industry? Find some great advice here. And below are some additional, and hopefully concrete questions you might want to find answers to during your round of interviews: Projects How many projects are going on currently in the team and when will the next round of projects be decided? When next can you influence/start a new project? How are projects

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