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New install of Mapnik on iMac with Mac OSX Lion

Another mapnik install, another set of issues… I had a brand new OSX Lion install on my imac, but had a few issues with the brew install of Mapnik as I wanted to link it to Cairo. See the Homebrew Mapnik instruction page brew install python Change the .bash_profile to add export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH. brew install git brew install postgresql brew install icu4c brew install proj brew install libtiff brew install

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On extracting timetable/spreadsheet data from PDF files

For my work on Kemtro, I recently explored how I could extract timetable information available in PDF files. There are still many transport agencies that do not want (or can’t for various reasons) make their data available in a friendly format (GTFS). I’m not aware of any easy and centralized way of doing that, so I did what I typically do when it comes to ‘liberating’ data: I first scraped

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Updated portfolio

I updated my portfolio, with more details about my past research projects, as well as my latest project Kemtro – which you can find on the appstore :)

Questions to ask when applying for a research job in industry

You’re applying for a job in a research lab in the industry? Find some great advice here. And below are some additional, and hopefully concrete questions you might want to find answers to during your round of interviews: Projects How many projects are going on currently in the team and when will the next round of projects be decided? When next can you influence/start a new project? How are projects

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SensorComix project

I attended TEI’10 conference in Boston and presented there our work and demo of SensorComix (Pdf) , a research project at NRC I did with my colleagues Vidya Setlur, Tim Sohn, and Hiroshi Horii. In SensorComix, we leverage and build upon a previous project called Nokia Mashups where SMS conversations are displayed with rich graphics representative of who’s having the conversation, the place where the communicants are located, and what

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