Context Watcher

The Context Watcher was a mobile application developed as part of the larger EU-funded research project called MobiLife. The Context Watcher was a great platform to explore how contextual data could be tracked, saved, transformed and shared.

I contributed to the official Context Watcher application, and also created a simpler internal Nokia version (together with the backend server in Ruby On Rails). The mobile client was done in Python For Series 60 and could run on Nokia phones such as the N95.


The mobile client

In the larger MobiLife project, we were interested in contextual data in general. The premise was that mobile phones are with the person at all times, across location and time. One of the basic issues faced being to actually collect context data, we started the Context Watcher to collect location data, images, and body sensors data.

The Context Watcher has several tabs, each showing different types of data: cell tower information, GPS latitude and longitude, a map, the location of 'buddies', uploading a photo augmented with context information

The different types of context

Viewing photos online uploaded with the Context Watcher