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Singularity Summit 2010 in San Francisco

The idea of the singularity starts with numbers. Numbers that get bigger and bigger over time, exponentially. As Ray Kurzweil showed it in his presentation, big numbers getting bigger are all over the technological world: Moore’s law Total bits shipped Magnetic data storage bits per dollar Internet data traffic Internet backbone bandwidth US nanotechnology-related patents But also in biology, for instance the cost of sequencing DNA that is dropping exponentially.

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SensorComix project

I attended TEI’10 conference in Boston and presented there our work and demo of SensorComix (Pdf) , a research project at NRC I did with my colleagues Vidya Setlur, Tim Sohn, and Hiroshi Horii. In SensorComix, we leverage and build upon a previous project called Nokia Mashups where SMS conversations are displayed with rich graphics representative of who’s having the conversation, the place where the communicants are located, and what

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