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New install of Mapnik on iMac with Mac OSX Lion

Another mapnik install, another set of issues… I had a brand new OSX Lion install on my imac, but had a few issues with the brew install of Mapnik as I wanted to link it to Cairo. See the Homebrew Mapnik instruction page brew install python Change the .bash_profile to add export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH. brew install git brew install postgresql brew install icu4c brew install proj brew install libtiff brew install

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Setting up mapnik2 on Mac with Homebrew

It seems mapnik is getting easier and easier to setup. I wanted to reinstall mapnik2 on a mac bloated with different versions of python, of macports… I just left my install of postgres/postgis/osm, and cleaned the system before installing mapnik. You can still expect to run into a frew trouble and may have to update the formulas.   Macports (if installed) Careful with the rm… Get rid of macports %%

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