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New install of Mapnik on iMac with Mac OSX Lion

Another mapnik install, another set of issues… I had a brand new OSX Lion install on my imac, but had a few issues with the brew install of Mapnik as I wanted to link it to Cairo. See the Homebrew Mapnik instruction page brew install python Change the .bash_profile to add export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH. brew install git brew install postgresql brew install icu4c brew install proj brew install libtiff brew install

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Adding FormAlchemy to an existing Pylons Mapfish project

  Install the packages: % pip install FormAlchemy fa.query GeoFormAlchemy 1 % pip install FormAlchemy fa.query GeoFormAlchemy You have now more templates available: % paster create –list-templates basic_package: A basic setuptools-enabled package geo_fa: Pylons application template with GeoFormAlchemy support mapfish: MapFish application template mapfish_client: MapFish client plugin template paste_deploy: A web application deployed through paste.deploy pylons: Pylons application template pylons_fa: Pylons application template with formalchemy support pylons_minimal: Pylons minimal application

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SensorComix project

I attended TEI’10 conference in Boston and presented there our work and demo of SensorComix (Pdf) , a research project at NRC I did with my colleagues Vidya Setlur, Tim Sohn, and Hiroshi Horii. In SensorComix, we leverage and build upon a previous project called Nokia Mashups where SMS conversations are displayed with rich graphics representative of who’s having the conversation, the place where the communicants are located, and what

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